Torrent Typhoon is Shut Down and For Sale!

Torrent Typhoon, the torrent meta-search engine, is officially closed down. However, we are offering the code up for purchase.

What It Does

Searches BitTorrent directory websites and parses their search results and transfers the data to Torrent Typhoon's engine. The engine compiles the data and displays it to users in an easy-to-use Data Grid that can be sorted. It searches in real-time and supports POST and GET methods. It is extensible, using Regular Expressions, so you can also support RSS or any other kind of data display if you wanted.

Website parsing rules are stored in an XML file and is automatically parsed in the engine, requiring no extra work on your part to add/remove/edit websites for the search engine.


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Buy Torrent Typhoon

If you love Torrent Typhoon, or you like its idea, or you think you can do it better, you can buy the engine and site. The engine is written in VB.NET and the website is made possible by over 14,000 lines of code. It uses the .NET threading model plus AJAX and automated XML rule files to parse external websites and extract their search results. It includes an error report system and fail-safe so that if any website gives a problem, users will still get their results but the site owner will be notified of errors.

Source Code

You can buy the source code only, which is enough to let you search websites, the core functionality of Torrent Typhoon.


Full Package

Alternatively, if you're interested you can buy the Torrent Typhoon website and all its included features. This includes exclusive licensing. That means once you buy the site, I won't sell the source to anyone else.


I will not provide any member data. You will get an empty database.

Price: $10.000
(not enough money? Take a cash advance)


Contact me

If you're interested, contact me by email -

Alex Kus
// Torrent Typhoon DOMAIN Owner!

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